AT&T Internet / TV / Voice Bundles

Current Promotion - New customers of ATT U-verse Internet can get a $100 Reward Card or a one-year Amazon Prime Membership. You must sign up for an ATT U-verse Double Play bundle to qualify (High Speed Internet & Fiber-Optic TV service).

If you want all three ATT U-verse services in a bundle (Internet / TV / Voice), then the special offer is a $150 Reward Card or a one-year Amazon Prime Membership (for new customers only).

With these money-saving bundles, you can save several hundred dollars on your first year of service. All bundles include the popular ATT U-verse fiber-optic high speed Internet connection. This service provides download speeds of up to 18 Mbps on most bundles.

They actually have plans of up to 45 Mbps, but those are only available in a limited number of cities. The most popular plans are the Double Play bundles listed below.

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The plans listed above are the most popular, but ATT has many other bundles. If U-verse is not in your area, you may still have access to ATT DSL Internet.

You can always visit our Internet Providers By Zip Code page to see if ATT U-verse Internet is even available to you. That will show you all ISPs with service in your zip code.