Our Guide To High Speed Internet Service

This website is designed to help consumers compare various types of U.S. broadband Internet connections, including cable, DSL, fiber optics, satellite and wireless. Our purpose is to help you comparison shop for broadband Internet providers in your area and then to serve as a single point of contact for you to sign up for the broadband ISP of your choice.

Richard Lee Thomason

It's me! I serve as the webmaster and main ISP reviewer for this guide. Most of the reviews and comparisons you will find on this site were written by me.

Richard Lee ThomasonMy involvement in the Internet industry began in 1995 as a franchisee selling basic dial-up Internet. I was later hired as an employee of GTE InterNetworking, the dial-up ISP division of GTE, which eventually became Verizon. In 2000, I moved on to join the much more interesting field of wireless network communications.

I have been a part of the broadband industry since it's explosive growth in the 90's. I hope that my understanding of broadband Internet connections and the companies that provide such services will make it easier for you to find plans that fit your needs.

Jon T. Norwood

Marketing for our site is handled by Jon Norwood. He is an experienced blogger and contributor for various popular blogs, news sites, and online magazines.

Jon T. NorwoodHaving served as Director of Marketing for FlashNet, Inc., one of the earliest successful dial-up ISPs based in Texas, Jon has been a part of the Internet industry since the very beginning. After FlashNet was acquired by Prodigy, Jon moved on to other tech companies in the field of wireless communications and email security.

Jon is the author of several articles on our site, including a time-line of Internet history, a primer for evaluating Web information, and our Internet safety guidelines for kids.

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