Review Of Exede Internet Service

If cable or DSL are not available at your residence, then Exede Internet provides you with a nice third option for high speed Internet via satellite. With download speeds up to 12 Mbps, Exede is much faster than the previous first generation of satellite Internet connections.

Exede comes in two speeds which depend upon location.

Exede12 has downloads up to 12 Mbps & uploads up to 3 Mbps - This covers mostly the west coast of the U.S. and most of the country east of the Mississippi River.

Exede5 has downloads up to 5 Mbps & uploads up to 1 Mbps - This plan is available in areas not covered by Exede12, such as much of the Midwest and the Rockies.

In the past, satellite Internet typically provided only 1 Mbps connections. The reason that Exede Internet is able to be so much faster is the ViaSat-1 satellite that was launched in 2011. This new satellite provides much faster speeds and a lot more bandwidth than older satellites.

Exede Internet Bandwidth Pricing

With Exede, you don't pay more for different tiers of speed. Instead, you pay for the amount of bandwidth you wish to use on a monthly basis.

Classic 10

Per Month
10 GB
Per Month

Classic 15

Per Month
15 GB
Per Month

Classic 25

Per Month
25 GB
Per Month

*Pricing is the same for Exede12 or Exede5 plans.

Important Facts About Exede Internet

Although bandwidth limits are always a concern with satellite Internet connections, Exede does have a free time period with unlimited uploads & downloads. It lasts from 12 Midnight to 5 AM. Also, you can purchase more bandwidth in 1 GB allotments.

Some of the main points to consider before signing up include:

**The fees for these services depend upon the local dealer that sets up your equipment.

Exede also provides their own voice service which you can easily bundle with your Internet plan. They also have Direct TV Internet bundles which combine Exede Internet with DIRECTV satellite television at a money-saving bundled price.

In the end, satellite should never be your first choice for broadband, but with their new speeds, Exede Internet plans are actually a faster choice than most rural DSL providers.