Review Of Verizon Internet Service

For many Internet customers, Verizon high speed Internet remains a more affordable option over expensive cable bundles. With Verizon DSL, you get a 24/7 reliable Internet connection for a low monthly cost. Download speeds reach speeds of up to 15 Mbps.

According to Verizon, most customers in their DSL service areas will qualify at the 1.1 to 3 Mbps speed tier. The availability of higher speed tiers, up to 15 Mbps, will depend entirely upon the distance of your home from the nearest Verizon telco hub.

For maximum value and convenience, all Verizon high speed Internet plans come packaged with home phone service.

Verizon is mainly focused on promoting their much faster Verizon FiOS connections. Still, several million customers remain in service areas that are limited to DSL.

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Verizon stopped expanding their FiOS network in 2010. However, in 2016, the company began a copper retirement program for remaining non-fiber lines called “Fiber Is The Only Fix”. Under this program, you can request an upgrade to a much faster Verizon FiOS Internet connection.

Basically, Verizon plans on exiting the legacy copper-based DSL Internet business and becoming 100% high speed fiber optics and 5G wireless broadband. So, if your location currently has copper DSL lines, that may change in the near future.